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DJ Jasmine Perez born in Utrecht on the 1st of March 1983 is a true Pisces. This Dutch versatile DJ has lived in the city of Utrecht until the age of 18.  Although she grew up in another city, there was no place like Amsterdam.  So twelve years ago she moved to the vibrant capital city where she pursued her passion DJ-ing. Meanwhile Jasmine Perez is a well-known DJ artist at the underground scene. Her shows with Circus Side Show are guaranteed for a creative theatrical & dynamic performance provided with supreme underground eclectic beats.

From the age of 9 years Jasmine Perez started playing the saxophone & the bass guitar.  She also liked to drum and ever since she still plays the drum.  Her essential nature to making music was already discovered at an early age. She liked to make music with her brother and she loved to perform at her school. When Jasmine turned 18 she wanted to try something new and fell in love with vinyl.  She practiced her DJ-ing with vinyl and since then she dedicated herself to her DJ career.

Nowadays she is a prominent DJ that also writes & drums. Her acting is now on a low profile but if there’s a great acting opportunity Jasmine’s always in for it.  Jasmine Perez has developed her creative skills as an entrepreneur, using her unique view for everything she creates. She is mainly focused on her DJ career and loves to expand her sound & shows international. Jasmine Perez has already performed in Londen & India and is eager for more. Her underground house sound is known to be universal, tribal, sexy eclectic & funky. Together with her Circus Side Show Crew she produces a monthly show accompanied with DJ’s & dancers.  DJ Jasmine Perez likes to provide something for the eye as well. Styling & looks of her show done by creative friends provide every show to be a unique experience.

Circus Side Show is an artistic clubbing concept that provides a unique show with live DJ’s dancers and performances. Art director Jasmine Perez started this concept together with her creative friends, now called the family of Circus Side Show.


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